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Drivers & Taxi in Kolkata

From an airport taxi working as a shuttle bus to an Uber taxi booking, find them all here

In the last few years, thanks to technology, we saw the market of transportation become highly competitive. Apps and websites all over the globe started to rise in popularity thanks to their low prices. Among the offer we could find the Uber app and the Lyft app to get either amateur or professional drivers. The prices are indeed low but in FreeThousandAds we believe that checking all the prices and services together, so they can be compared, is a great option, and that led to the creation of this section of the website. Everyone that works as a city taxi driver, cab driver or simply offers free spots in their car announces here.

The person who posts an ad is free to put their usual pricing, the type of vehicle, if they work via app or just want the money handed after taking the client, if they take only cash or also card, etc. Thanks to us all driving offers in Kolkata are together, so you can search for the better service for you. Don’t let sharing taxi service be an inconvenient, get the best for the price you want. Go ahead and find your transport now.